An open letter to my phone’s auto-correct


I find it sweet and naive that you continue to hold out hope for “ducked” to be a major part of my vocabulary.

Kyles grandmother in the home isn’t doing too well. Apparently she has barely eaten for a while and has been given her last rights. She’s not expected to last the weekend. Idk if he’s just pretending not to be upset, but I’m seemingly more upset than he is. I never knew her before her Alzheimer’s and I didn’t see her that many times but I really grew to like her. Just something about her that I admired. She remembered who I was quite often when we would visit and she would always make jokes that his mom would take too seriously because of her illness and then give me this little smirk behind her back and wink at me. She was a little rebel at times and I liked that about her. I wish I could’ve known her before she got sick and spent more time with her even though she’s not my own grandmother.

This beautiful boy is one of the only things that keeps me smiling recently.

During one of my moments of pure hatred last night while Kyle was frolicking around at the beach with his new girl who likes it rough and is excited to see his dick I shot off a text informing him that ‘he makes me want to puke’

Mistake? Maybe, but he wasn’t affected. He eventually came home and informed me of ‘good news! They didn’t sleep together yet!’ I’m supposed to be overjoyed. Whoops.

How will I try and distract myself cheaply today while he’s taking her on a date after work. I’m undecided.

About to breakdown on the skytrain while he’s probably fucking her in his car. I can’t stand this.